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In the Heart of West Portal,  


Burns Cleaners is a small laundry business run by Sam and Ellen Chung. They have been part of the community since 2006 and have been catering to those looking to get their clothes dry cleaned, repaired, and laundered. They may not speak English fluently but they do make sure to communicate with a smile while providing excellent service.

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Sam and Ellen Chung
Sam (Yoon Shik) and Ellen (Ae Yun) immigrated from South Korea in 1990 to the United States seeking new opportunities to raise and support their family. Although the transition to a new environment filled with cultural barriers is difficult, they have worked diligently to provide their children with experiences that they never had during their youth. Sam and Ellen continue to work hard, spread kind gestures, and seek happier and healthier lives.


(415) 664-7628



809 Ulloa street
San Francisco, CA 94127



M-F 7am–7pm
Sa  8am–6pm
Su Closed





We inspect, launder, press, fold, and then neatly wrap clothes for our customers so they can be ready for their next day.


We use non-harmful and eco-friendly solvents to keep customer's clothes clean, long lasting, and safe for our patrons.  


Pick-up and Delivery

We offer free pick-up and delivery for anyone 3 miles away from our location. All we request is that the order be $40.00 or more. 


If there is something you would like to get hemmed or repaired, we can do it for you. We will measure and tailor to your needs. 


How long does it take to dry clean my clothes?
It takes us three days to clean your clothes from the day they are received. 

Do you offer same day cleaning or rush orders?
Yes,  but the order must be processed in the morning before 9 am and there will be an additional charge. 

How long does it take to do alterations? How much does it cost?
Depending on what needs to be repaired or altered, the process usually takes one week. Pricing depends on the intricacies of the repair. Consultation can be provided upon arrival.

Anything you cannot clean?
We can clean almost any material, ranging from suede to leather. We do not clean materials that are severely tattered or torn because we do not wish to risk further damage.

You say you use an environmentally safe dry cleaning process. What do you mean by that?
Since the early 1940's many dry cleaning businesses used a harsh chemical known as perchloroethylene, also known as perch. We avoid using this chemical because of its harsh properties. Instead, we currently use SystemK4 by Kreussler, a device that uses eco-friendly and bio degradable solvents which clean clothes efficiently and preserves all color. 

What happens if you damage my clothes? 
We seek to satisfy our customers and process orders that we can confidently and safely clean. We are not responsible for buttons, buckles, beads, sequins, zippers, elastics, or any other valuables. If we are responsible for any severe damages, it is our duty to compensate the individual, which can be negotiated in person.

How do I know that you will take care of my clothes and not lose them?
Before we clean anything, we inspect for damages such as loose buttons and seek blemishes that might have been missed. We then take note and carefully place a tag with a serial number that is associated with the customer's invoice on each article of clothing. From there, we clean and process each order, making sure to keep everything together and recorded on our computer system.

What is the earliest and latest time for pick and drop off?
We offer pick-up and drop-off services on Mondays through Saturdays, 10 am-7pm. We only deliver for orders $40 or more and deliveries can be processed over the phone. 

What is the delivery process like?
We load clothes into our van and personally deliver each order to our customers' door steps. Everything will be folded and packed neatly into bags or boxes. For shirts, we will have them suspended on hangers and wrapped.